3rd set of questions


From the very beginning, white men are typically seen in positions of power. Whereas women and different ethinicities are portrayed as a lower class/status. These are stereotypical views of gender and ethnicity but suitable for the time period and its setting so it would not be appropriate to negatively judge the game for this. It also gives that realism to the game.

A novel allows more freedom of imagination as it allows you to interpret it your own way and create the scenes or each scenario in ur imagination which is creates a full filling experience for the reader. As you are the character in L.A. Noire what you think is what the character is thinking when you’re playing so you are given some freedom there and also you forced to put yourself in their shoes. Even though their is less or no ambiguity in the game plot at most parts it gives as a interpretation of a character(s) . While you are given a ready-made environment to explore in L.A. Noire it can feel stifling at times, as can any game as there isn’t as much freedom provided as, in particular, a novel where you can create a world and people in your mind through the words on the page.

I felt that narration is important to create a better effect as it gives a clearer story for the player. There is also a blend of first and third perspective narration. This is really good as it gives us different angles of the story which allows us a bit of freedom to create an interpretation and allow us to play the character sufficiently . It does work for L.A. Noire though and suits the mood of the game, conveying the situations of the game well.



  1. AndrewKingsley / Apr 12th, 2012 7:11 Quote

    I do agree that the world of La Noire, doesn’t have much freedom in it, there are set goals to do, and everyone’s game ends up similar, but I do believe that the stereotypes about ethnicity are too exaggerated despite it being a way of showing the time period, unlike a book and alot of modern games, we do not get much choice, and we do not make our own character, I think that Cole would have more of a impact and the characters in the game would actually matter, if we did.

  2. MaddieS / Apr 14th, 2012 9:52 Quote

    Though I said in my own entry that I would categorise the game as third-person narration I think I would have to agree with you that there is definitely an argument for there being a ‘blend’ of first and third-person: though most of it is objective and suggests an omniscient narrator that can be in many places at once there is a lot of narration which is purely from the point of view of either Cole Phelps or Jack Kelso later on in the game. I would also agree that this gives the player more scope for forming their own attitudes and empathies because we are not constantly tied to the character of Phelps.

  3. Christopher Dunning / Apr 14th, 2012 14:32 Quote

    I completely agree that men are shown as superior on the gender scale, it is very obvious throughout the plot that men are in a position of power.
    When you mention the differences between the way in which a novel and a game allows you to interpret the scene I also strongly agree, especially in the case of such a narrow and scripted game as LA Noire that places you firmly in a single characters shoes. It is true that with a novel you are given most of the information and you form your world around it, allowing a more intimate experience with both the world and the characters. Whereas in a game such as LA Noire the information is bolted in front of you and you cannot deviate or expand upon it.

    I also agree with Kingsley who writes about how the game could have more impact if we could alter and mold the protagonist, such as perhaps giving us the ability to pursue multiple endings and even the possibility of slight failure on certain missions.


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