Question 3


For the time that L.A Noire is set it is very stereotypical how each gender is treated, from the very beginning to seeing the women in the shop (first interviewee) we can see that women are depicted in a lower stance than men are. They are the gender lingering in the background of the power struggle between men and women; from a Marxist point of view it is evident of the struggle of these class struggles. I talk of class struggles as this epoch man a power of men whilst women still suffer from patriarchy in that they had little impact on society at all. They stay in the shadows being housewives whilst the men go out and do the important work and have all the action, this is the conclusion I have made so far. The women are the victims of the action rather than the person taking part.

It is also stereotypical of the time that the way men treat women, Rusty for example talks down to women pushing them down further, and uses his low opinions of women to come up with snap decisions. Although the game makes us believe that women are troubled by men it also shows us that men are the violators and women keep the peace.

In terms of ages I haven’t yet seen much to talk about, occasionally we have older character believing that they know more but that is to be expected. We don’t see many other ethnic origins and when we do they are portrayed much the same way that women are portrayed in that they have little impact and appear out of tact with society.


It can is very similar to the way we play a game to reading a novel in terms of interacting as a character to places and people. In most games there is only a small set of interactions to character where all of which are integral to his/her personality which don’t change throughout unless any events change this. The same in a novel where characters will always act the same way they have been destined to behave. The game becomes its own narrator in terms that you are watching and interacting on the scene from above, things don’t really change much the same way as a novel. You are in the end, pushed into a set path throughout the entire journey through both sets of narration.

Where novels give vast amounts of detail about characters where the narrator can give inside information that the other characters may not know, L.A Noire gives us facial expressions so we can determine by ourselves of what is going on, yet novels in this sense give us more detail. Different perspectives are shown in games where we change view such as first person and third person which can give us different insights and see things in a different way, much the same as films do. This makes the genre difficult to make us see what they intended us to see as where novels can have an omniscient narrator novels cannot unless you have them annoying long cut scenes or a strange voice in the background jabbering on. Such games as the Metal Gear Solid series reveal in these massively external clips which happen constantly and (annoyingly) lots of people have moaned as it cuts of gameplay, yet in my opinion just further enhance the brilliant story line that the makers have created. Where L.A Noire comes in we constantly don’t see any following clips instead we are constantly at the control of the protagonist which is good but in some cases a more film like approach gives us a break and makes us see what is supposed to be present. This is mainly seen where instead of just appearing at place such as the victims house, the coroners office you get to choose and drive there yourself, this also has the added bonus of having an impact on the case and what happens if you don’t get enough evidence.

A novel is complete, it tells everything that is required and nothing else, nothing extra can be gained except what is place in front of you in through text. Through re-reading you may see bits that you didn’t notice but nothing beyond the context of the piece. With games you are more free to see what else there is apart from the main quest, the same as a novel you have the main quest and a set piece of story. But where the difference lies is where you can strive elsewhere and explore what else there is such as other characters and people. More and more lately games are starting to incorporate extra material such as side quests to where we can explore and learn more about the background that makes the game, this can give a richer experience where novel lack without making another novel.




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