Creative Task Option 3 – Wiki


Now you have worked through the study activities and considered L A Noire as a text with genre conventions and a particular mode of narration, this activity requires you to create something new to show your textual understanding of L A Noire in a practical context.

You can post your creative task on the blog – or a link to a URL – by choosing “add new post”.

The reason for our focus on genre is that this videogame is explicitly designed as a text that shares conventions with literature and film as well as other games. In the first section of Bradygames ‘Signature Series’ guide to L A Noire, the player is told “Our story opens with a voiceover narrator giving an overview of Los Angeles in 1947. It sets a classic noire tone”. This is an important detail because it shows us that an understanding of what is meant by ‘noire’ is required for the gameplay – to solve cases – rather than it just being a separate category for academics and reviewers. The instructions in this guide combine a practical ‘how to’ style with language that echoes the Noir conventions of the game, such as “Watch the bittersweet conclusion as Captain Donnelly appears with unexpected news about the shakeout. Although things don’t play out as Phelps or Galloway expected, ‘young Phelps’ receives a reward of sorts: a promotion out of Homicide to the LAPD’s glamour desk, Administrative Vice, based in Hollywood”.

Creative Task Optioon 3 – Wiki

Visit the L A Noire wiki –

Add either a new ‘case’, walkthrough, new character, suspect profile or any other item that involves presenting information for an audience in either written or audiovisual form.

When you have done this, share the link to your work on the project blog.




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