Ok, here are the final questions. This time you have a choice, so please post a response to one of these two by midnight on Monday April 30th:


Either: Film noir’s portrayal of the “femme fatale” supports the existing social order by building up a powerful, independent woman, only to punish her.

To what extent do you agree with this in relation to the portrayal of women in ‘LA Noire’?
Or: ‘LA Noire’ is set in 1940s Los Angeles. To what extent do you feel that this game would provide an effective introduction to the concept of ‘genre’? What are the key characteristics of ‘noir’?
In your answer you should consider form, structure and language, as well as subject matter.



  1. AndrewKingsley / Apr 23rd, 2012 12:21 Quote

    In regards to women being independent, one could argue that LA Noire subverts this, many of the Women involved in the story (and that not many) do not act alone, they usually hide behind or manipulate men into doing their bidding, and act as a puppeteer behind the scenes.

    Many females are victims of murder or abuse in LA Noire and people seem to constantly taking advantage of them, there is a clear divide between girls and women in the Game, with men’s attitudes to both being entirely different. Men seem to value the innocence that young girls have and Cole and co try to protect this value, and were disgusted when the criminals abused this and used it to for their own gain. However the detectives never entirely trust Women, Coles partners are quite derogatory towards them, and Cole himself has an affair despite loving his family, we could argue that the women in La Noire are not innocent they lie and seek financial success, but it’s not entirely fair to paint them in a negative light.

    The women are encouraged to find a man, and then they get used. A lot of the ‘independent’ women are portrayed as being alcoholics, to have no respect for them and as we can see from the Black Dahlia cases, there are people that do not like the idea of women being independent, and having their own mind. The game could also be seen as sexist, despite supposedly reflecting the time period it describes, women are set in two roles: Victim or Criminal.

    According to La Noire, they cannot be a heroine, they cannot be a police detective, and the female characters have no central part in the story, and are just vehicles for Cole to progress from Case to Case.

    In the end however, I must agree to the fact that La Noire supports the downfall of independent women; the handful of them that exist in the story that is. The majority of the females in the story have no power at all, they cannot stand up to males, and that is why the murders happen, they cannot protect themselves, children as seen as good, but when they reach the age of maturity they are treated just as bad, this is emphasized by the Male Dominated Cast, who despite all saying they have different views, all treat Women like rubbish and keep failing to protect them as a Man should.

  2. AndrewKingsley / Apr 23rd, 2012 12:25 Quote

    In addition the form of the game just jumps from each female character to the next, forgetting the ones prior, this mimics the Men in the story who also have no loyalty to the women and just treat them as ‘broads’ and ‘dames’. The flashbacks serve only to emphasize that there is no place for females, now, or in the past, Coles past is entirely full of masculine characters, as is his present in the police department, there are no safe havens for females.

  3. EmzG / Apr 29th, 2012 21:30 Quote

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said here – your description of the game’s portrayal of women is totally accurate. It is certainly a male dominate cast, and I think this is quite accurate for the time period it is set in.


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