First Questions


1. The first interesting character is the protagonist, Cole Phelps. He’s become a detective very quickly after joining the Police, which makes him a little naive and inexperienced compared to the older, cynical Detectives, Despite his lack of experience, he tries to be a good police officer, being fair and not taking the easy way out, probably due to his time fighting in WWII.

The second character I find interesting is Dr. Harlan Fontaine. Only seen in flashbacks for the first part of the game, Dr. Fontaine claims to be helping traumatised war veterans, only to advance his own schemes and plans. A cold, malipuative figure, Fotaine hides this under a seemingly chartiable exterior.

2. In some ways, Phelps reminds of the character of Detective David Mills in the film Se7en (1995). Both are somewhat naive rookie Detectives new to the city of LA, who underestimate the level of corruption and depravity in the city, and are eventually destroyed by it. Both of them are tragic heroes – a key feature of noir story telling.

In some ways, Dr. Fontaine reminds me of Noah Cross from the film Chinatown (1974). Both of them are figures in Neo-Noir stories set in LA in the early 20th century, who claim to be helpful and honest members of the community, but secretly have plans for power and control of the city. Both are corrupt and evil, thinking only of thier own personal gain.

3. The game is an example of “Neo-Noir”. Unlike the classical Noir films of the 1940s and 50s, these are more postmodern in nature, taking the general ideas and cliches of the genre, and seeing them through a modern perspective. As Classic Noir films were heavily censored by the Hayes Code, modern noir enables the showing of more graphic and realistic depictions of violence, swearing and sex. As modern story tellers are inspired older noir, it means that Neo-Noir is a “pastiche” of many difference elements combined to form a homage to the past.



  1. Clarkkent / Mar 18th, 2012 20:13 Quote

    I agree with what you have said about Cole Phelps and the experience he has recieved from fighting in World War 2 making him traditional in not taking the easy way out and hard working. I also agree with your comparison to David Mills in Se7en as the characters both share similar personality traits. Also it seems we both agree on what genre the game belongs in and how it utilizes elements of both Classic Noir and postmodernism.


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