Question 1


Cole Phelps – Cole Phelps was born in Sanfancisco. He attended Stanford University. He married a woman named Marie and had two daughters with her. Cole went to Officer Candidate School for the United States Marine Corps. He befriended Hank Merrill and developed an intense rivalry with Jack Kelso. In the days following his recruitment, he was given top honors for his bravery; however, during his time in the USMC, he has been known as the “Dark Shadow” or considered to be “bad luck” whenever someone is under his command during combat. Cole prefers to play it by-the-books rather than cutting corners, this creates issues between him and his more laid back partners he works with. He has a clear understanding and knowledge and completes his jobs and cases to the best of his ability, he seems keen and eager about his work.

Rusty Galloway – Rusty was born in 1897. Little is known about his family life growing up, although he mentions to Phelps that he was once an altar boy. He has been married and divorced three times. He also has a 14 year old daughter with one of his ex-wives, though this was unplanned. Rusty served many years in LAPD and became a veteran Homicide detective and worked alongside Floyd Rose. As Galloway has a wide range of knowledge and experience as a detective he treats Phelps with arrogance since he is new to the the LAPD department. Galloway also takes a disliking to him as he had a swift promotion to the homicide department.