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The first character I am going to acknowledge is Cole Phelps, the protagonist of the story and an obvious choice to look at. As a central character the narrator has to choose where to give into certain aspects of his past to build character, thus so far I have heard and seen snippets of his past. This leads to major developments one of which is Cole’s characteristics of being on ‘the force’ and how he acts. We of course like a novel don’t find out everything and are limited by the narrator by what we find out which the game does by conversations and as I mentioned before flash backs. This character certainly can remind me of crime thrillers where the protagonist has some internal part of the problem, is reminds me specially of Ian Bank’s ‘Bleeding Hearts’ where the story follows an assassin although who is a killer we become to feel sorry for.

The Second character Herschel Biggs, one of Phelps partners is an interesting character in that he inherits characteristics of the time, such as little respect for women as he remarks little on the abuse of victims and couldn’t care less. This can be looked at critically with critical theory where feminism comes into play, should women be belittled in this way? Surely not not this character makes it seem that feminism wasn’t integral at this time, at least in this game, especially since most of the victims (so far) have been women. The game further enhances the threat women are kept at in this game and genre, note also do we see any female roles in the police department?



  1. Albertwhitehead48 / Mar 16th, 2012 20:56 Quote

    Following on with your point about feminism and how the women are belittled in the game, I notice that the women I have seen and encountered have been presented in a particular way. The first point I noticed this was during the first shooting outside of a store. The women is very ‘distraught’ at the death of her boss, but the comment that had the most affect was when she said ‘Oh god, I wont lose the earrings will I?’ I think this is portraying the women of the time to be very materialistic and shallow and also a little bit stupid, for at the time men were dominant and the women were possessions.

  2. ADMIN
    Lieutenant Sam / Mar 17th, 2012 17:13 Quote

    I agree, it whats that the game is portraying strong moral views at the time in particular materialism against doing the right thing. In this respect we could also see that the American Dream is a decaying device, much like Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby moral views have gone out the window and money and possession become the populaces main concern.


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