Week 2


Personally speaking, upon starting any game that I play, I generally like to feel that I ‘am’ the character and decisions that I make within a game would be my own, therefore I could gain some affinity with the character at the very least, if not fully immerse myself in being that character. This usually helps me to see the world through the character that I’m playing, as their decisions and, even when they look nothing like me (Such as Niko Bellic), I still see them as myself, and this in turn makes potential decisions about the fate of other characters in the game very difficult to make, as they are no longer just random computer generated imagery, but rather, friends.

I begin each game just following a character, but as soon as you can get a grip on the mentality, motives and values of the character, I become the character almost fully (perhaps to a scary degree) as I can carry on playing with their goals in mind but also can inject some of myself in and perhaps some of my own morals too, (do you kill the junkie or the crooked cop?) so even though I become the character, I also make the character part-me too.

That being said, I found it very difficult to inhabit the character of Cole Phelps; his fate felt predestined from the outset and even though it is this case in nearly every game you play, I could sense it from the beginning and it just felt as though I was being dragged along for the ride, instead of perhaps guiding some of the journey myself, and many of the actions I asked Cole to complete, he would do in a way that I couldn’t really relate to (as the great Yahtzee says, I wouldn’t really shout at a grieving widow during a routine questioning). These small instances and even the random cheating on his wife, that seemed to appear from nowhere, made me feel very distant from the character, which is how I tend to feel when reading books, as I have no control over the characters and cannot sway the story one way or another, only follow it to its finality.



  1. Clarkkent / Mar 24th, 2012 12:50 Quote


  2. Clarkkent / Mar 24th, 2012 12:51 Quote

    Although I don’t think I inhabit the character nearly as much as you (“to a scary degree”) I do agree that we inject a little bit of ourselves into it such as our own morals and beliefs no matter what.

  3. Christopher Dunning / Mar 25th, 2012 14:58 Quote

    I’m the same when it comes to inhabiting a character, I will always try to do what feels right for them. Though I do find it interesting that of all characters to use as an example you chose Niko Bellic who is essentially a complete psychopath if you play it as a GTA game should be played.

    Your note on how when playing the game you felt rail-roaded throughout, I couldn’t agree more with this. Though other games give you the illusion that the game is not completely linear LA Noire essentially rewards you for playing it like a robot, going from one objective to the next. I suppose however that this is also the same reason as to why the game was chosen for this particular study.

    I also agree with how you felt distanced from Cole, as a character. With us being given control of him believing he would be a knight in shining armour it felt wrong having him verbally assault grieving widows and cheat on his wife.

  4. Lieutenant Sam / Mar 25th, 2012 20:18 Quote

    I’m also the same when it comes to making myself integral to the character and it doesn’t matter how hard we try and strive to go past the given path we are always drawn back towards it. I’m guessing your quote; “do you kill the junkie or the crooked cop?” if from Heavy Rain? either way its interesting to compare L.A Loire to heavy rain in that the game is heavily based on your decisions as a game, very unlike N.A Noire where there is only one set path.

    I think to a certain extinct it would be difficult for the developers to create anything difference, it is obvious that it was their intention to create a game where it is story driven and also highly dedicated on characters rather than actions. The game mechanics are quite terrible on this game take for example driving around in cars that turn like a modern day sports car. But this doesn’t matter its the story that does, like a novel we are driven by what the author has intended, there is no need to show everything as that is impossible and where L.A Noire is concerned it follows the same path.


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