week 1


1.The protagonist Cole can be seen as the main character, the story consisting Cole at most parts. We see Cole at the start as quite dominant and decisive a man knowing what he is doing. However as the game progresses i felt that he isn’t a straight forward man and he seems quite mysterious and theres more to him than meets the eye which makes me not trust him as i did at the start.

At the start you would think that James Donnelly will have a strong set of values and he is a strong enough person and maybe driven to do maybe anything to ful lfill the value of the law. He is after someone to blame and he is indifferent to whoever may be put to death or punished because of a crime they did not commit.


2.Cole Phelps: Phelps is seen as a man that has a desire for power and is driven by it and some may see this a some sort of corruption as such desire for power can blind a man. Phelps reminds me of the green goblin a classic Spider man villan. Phelps and the green goblin have important similarities as the scientist can be seen as trustworthy however the alter ego of the suit green goblin has a desire for more power and control and going to lengths to achieve it and sometimes effecting personal relationships.


3.The most obvious approach to this game as a text is the status of women and the lack of equality they have. Their roles in the game seem to center around secretaries and murder victims suggesting the status portrayed in the game. Unsurprisingly most of them end up without any clothes on. The men in the game are in control and are seen as hard working, strong, career orientated, rational and intelligent. Whereas the women have no control or say they are submissive, weak, and irrational. This is common in this specific genre and time period and it gives an effective and emphasis of the society of that period of time.