Week 2


Question 1: Playing LA Noire the antagonist, to some extent, has to have that connection to the audience and realism of the character being played. The story has a solid journey establishing the society of that time. Each mission or case must be completed to go on through the next stage of the game. The player plays as Phelps from a third person perspective and the narrative is a detective showing an interesting perspective of the story/journey. Furthermore the connection between the characters are very well portrayed allowing the interaction with the player and also the well set environmental surroundings creates the realism to the story. Also it is the actions that the player takes with Phelps that determines the extent that one inhabits the character. The player will be likely to act upon their own intentions/ thoughts towards the case. The players own characteristics may be involved in the choices made in this world. In contrast the narrative in the novel has been written and the journey cannot be differed by any person, other than the author. Therefore, to some extent, the player of LA Noire becomes a kind of narrator for the story.

Question 2: The story of the game is played through a third person perspective, it is in the players best interest to try and see the world through the characters eyes. This made me think as a detective and play as how Phelps would do things. Phelps is presented as a fairly mysterious character, who has struggled with his past, expressed through flashbacks and emotive dialogue. I think that to get the full experience you have to understand Phelps emotions and his past and how that would effect his decisions and lifestyle in his future.

Question 3: The dialogue and tone of voice used by Phelps can determine the players view on whether the character is to be an enemy or a friend of Phelps. the speech used before each interrogation and depending on how Phelps approaches the character will effect the players view as to whether the person is telling the truth makes me have doubt, in terms of a murder investigation and also it allows you to get inside Phelps head and play and see through his eyes and you get caught in the moment of the story and believe that you are Phelps. Naturally, with facial technology used in the game, the player may have their own attitudes and interpretations of a suspects actions. characters.

Question 4: I think it is a very clever and interesting way to learn about a text without being read as teenagers spend time quite alot on video games and using these platforms to these literature is a very clever way. However i feel that reading the actual text is still ideal as it could give you a stronger implication towards the game and a better understanding as a game allows you to make diiferent outcomes and interpretations. Although the novel can create ambiguity it is interesting how the novel creates a fixed scenario and we as the reader cannot change the events.



  1. Albertwhitehead48 / Apr 16th, 2012 12:47 Quote

    I agree with what you said about needing to understand Phelps past to think like him, but I feel that this only comes in in the last few cases. By having flashbacks throughout the game I found that I was still trying to find out who the character I’m playing is.


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