Week 2.


1. How far would you say you try and inhabit the ‘character’ you’re ‘playing’?

i always try to completely engage myself into the character when gaming. this is often easier when the character is female, however, i have quite an active imagination which i owe to gaming and reading a lot which helps me to place myself into most well written characters. i find Phelps to be lacking slightly in personality though which for me is a shame. his characteristics obviously show him to be a pretty mysterious man who doesn’t speak about himself. This makes it hard to bond with Phelps at all as a character and shows why it is difficult to try and see things from his perspective.

2. How far do you try and see the world through their eyes?

i think i try to see the world through their eyes as much as possible. it isnt always easy to do in l.a. noire as the game is filled with encounters with dangerous people which never really evoke any fear in me. being Phelps i feel like he would feel something for each of the suspects. i think that Phelp’s apparent mood swings whilst interrigating also distract away from being inside the game world and remind you that you aren’t in the game.

3. Does the character you’re playing shape your behaviour or attitudes towards to other characters you encounter in the game?

i don’t feel like characters’ attitudes towards others in the game shape your behaviour towards them much in l.a. noire. i felt that all of the decisions i made were my own and the only time i felt guided toward a decision was when i got an investigation wrong and was shouted at by James Donnelly and had to re-do the interrogation.

4. Would you say your ‘game identity’ is all you, partly made-up of you and the character you’re ‘playing’ or as much as possible, is it entirely the character you’re ‘playing’?

i would say my game identity, in l.a. noire, is mostly me as i don’t think the game is great at including the player. However, you do get very sucked into the game and it does almost feel like your the third detective in the group, which means that you can experience your own feelings for other characters in the game.



  1. Albertwhitehead48 / Apr 15th, 2012 2:26 Quote

    I completely agree with what you have said about Cole, I find him to be a really bland character! With all the other diverse and interesting characters, namely Harlan Fontaine, I really feel let down when playing as Cole. He is so tough to engage with and I don’t feel the connection you’d expect with the main character. When I read a book for example, I can’t wait to find out what happens next to the character, with this I find that I’m just trolling through the cases one at a time. I suppose this is kind of what Cole’s character is like and in that respect the game has come up trumps!

  2. James1185 / Apr 15th, 2012 20:49 Quote

    The fact that Phelps can sometimes be viewed as a bland character may have some narrative purpose. In a game or book of this sort a ‘featureless’ or boring protagonist can be used to make the ‘player’ project their own image onto him/her. Having an opinionated protagonist who you might totally disagree with could serve to alienate the audience. Harry Potter is a good example.


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