Week 2


1. How far would you say you try and inhabit the ‘character’ you’re ‘playing’?

With Cole Phelps, I always seem to find myself wanting more from him. Although he has had an eventful past and a killer back story, it’s not really shown enough to me. I struggle to connect with him and due to this I’d say that I don’t really inhabit the character. I find myself throughout the game trying to find out about the other characters and other stories more than I do Cole.

2. How far do you try and see the world through their eyes?

I try to see the world through Cole’s eyes, but I find it very tough to do. He is a very bland character and I don’t really find it easy to think the way he does, I find myself trying to think like him in the interviews and struggling to just that. I think that as I learn more about his history with the war, I am able to picture the world as he see’s it and it makes it a little easier, however without engaging with the character I find this to be a chore, rather than an enjoyment.

3. Does the character you’re playing shape your behaviour or attitudes towards to other characters you encounter in the game?

I don’t think that this is the case, because although I’m playing as Cole Phelps I really don’t feel connected with him and therefore my views of the other characters aren’t distorted by Cole’s views. I look at each character as though I am a reader and I’m following their story for a chapter.

4. Would you say your ‘game identity’ is all you, partly made-up of you and the character you’re ‘playing’ or as much as possible, is it entirely the character you’re ‘playing’?

I believe my ‘game identity’ is all me, because although I am playing as a sole character, I am looking at the game world and the characters in that world in my own way. I’m not following a specific way of thinking about characters and I therefore believe I am being myself. Everyone approaches a game a different way and with different views, it’s how you view the game that defines how you play the game, not the events.



  1. A.M. / Apr 16th, 2012 17:55 Quote

    I think the reason that Phelps may not be that easy to connect with is because of his two contradictory natures–i.e. his story and character that is set in stone and how the player chooses to play him. So, on the one hand, he’s a detective who’s trying to do right by his job, but on the other hand, a player can make him a mean badass and just accuse everyone of lying for the heck of it! Of course, this would be a shoddy way to play the game, but the potential is always there.