Week 2 – Questions


1. How far would you say you try and inhabit the ‘character’ you’re ‘playing’?

I somewhat try and inhabit the character the character that I play to get a feel of what the characters like and also to help with the game. The more you inhabit one character, the more you begin to understand their quirks which leads you to play the game a little better. If a character is supposed to have a really hard working nature, then you strive to be hardworking in the game and complete the game as if the characters were all real, and uphold the reputation the characters have.

2. How far do you try and see the world through their eyes?

I do somewhat try to see the world through their eyes, when playing the game. As stated in question 1, this is key with finding out the characters quirks and also the way they think and their opinions. It gives a more rounded view of the characters and the characters view points, opinions and the experiences they have, but the downside of this is that you only see from that character’s perspective, so the views and the things they experience and feel is much more biased.

3. Does the character you’re playing shape your behaviour or attitudes towards to other characters you encounter in the game?

In some circumstances I suppose it does as you try and keep the character genuine and authentic. Whilst playing the game, you obviously want to complete so sticking to the characters behaviours and attitudes may improve gameplay, but personally, I have one goal when playing a game and that is to complete it and I usually do it my own way, but sticking to behaviours and attitudes of the characters do help.

4. Would you say your ‘game identity’ is all you, partly made-up of you and the character you’re ‘playing’ or as much as possible, is it entirely the character you’re ‘playing’?

I’d say the game identity is made up of both myself and the character. You see yourself as the character to get perspective of some events that take place in the game and if those events have something to do with the certain character, but mostly it is your own skill in trying to solve the cases that are given to you. This comes in handy if you have any tactics to use with the game for good and quick completion.



  1. clairey1994 / Apr 22nd, 2012 19:11 Quote

    I have also mentioned in my response to question 1 that when playing the game you inhibit the character to help you complete and play the game much better.

  2. ClockworKei / Apr 22nd, 2012 19:44 Quote

    “The more you inhabit one character, the more you begin to understand their quirks which lead you to play the game a little better.” Yes, I agree with this, I do find that when I’ve had difficulty connecting with a character, I have either stopped playing altogether or instead have gone decidedly ‘off the rails’ (usually resulting in mass destruction of the city in the game.)

    I also agree with you when you said you prefer “to complete it and I usually do it my own way”, I almost always choose the ‘good’ route in most games when I play and I prefer the opportunity to choose this for myself. I however find that to be the draw-back of L.A. Noire is that you are told from the outset what your character is like and have no chance to really imprint yourself on Cole.


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