Week 2 Questions


1. In a game I would inhabit the ‘character’ i’m playing to the extent the game will allow. Given the personality or backstory of the character I will sympathise with them in certain ways and play that character how I believe they would be, should the freedom within the game be given.

2. I will see the game through the characters eyes in the way that I will extend my imagination for portions of time to enjoy the virtual world in which im playing which is easier in more realistic games like La noire and if the game is succesful in making me care about the character it further throws me into that world.

3. The character i’m playing does not necesarily shape my behaviour to other characters within the game due to the fact that if i as a real person do not like a character or like a character the virtual one in which i’m playing as will not influence that. However if i can sympathise with a character there are occasions where my behaviour towards others will be affected.

4. I would say my game identity as demonstrated by my answers above is party made up of me and my character. I say this because if I like the character and care about them then it makes my gaming experience a better one in which I will be more engrossed. However my game identity is as much me due to the fact that i always retain the fact that the game is not real and I am still a real person in the real world.



  1. M.Lockheart / Mar 24th, 2012 13:56 Quote

    I think the way you play the game and adopt the identity in the game is distinctly how the game’s developers would desire a player to adapt to the game’s character. This is why the game encourages players to enact the character and relate to the characters through emotions, such as sympathy much like certain characters in novels. I agree with your last answer, as a player we can step back from the game and have our own opinions outside of the game. However my personal opinion is that once we are playing and immersed in the virtual world of the particular game we are playing we are subject to the influence of the game. Our opinions of the characters and events in game are undoubtedly influenced and directed by the identity of the character we are playing. Hence we adopt the character for a short while, up until we put the controller down. After all this is a role playing game, so if the game does not encourage us to get in to the role then we might as well be playing Gran Turismo…
    Although I am not negating the fact that all games have that element of adopting the game’s induced persona. So based on what the game encourages us to think and feel, we might play Gran Turismo or another similar game and turn in to Schumacher for the next half an hour…

  2. Thomas / Mar 25th, 2012 16:38 Quote

    I find it interesting to compare the game to RPGs, which allow you to customise your character’s skills, behaviour and appearance, with them being just a blank slate for the gamer to work with. I wonder how Phelps would play if the player was given more choice over his actions and decisions in the story?

  3. Lieutenant Sam / Mar 25th, 2012 20:29 Quote

    I agree to a certain extent that you detach yourself due to being a real person and hence forth bring your own decisions into the game, why talk when you just hit people, right?. But the game is trying to show what it was in post-war detective work and the morals and values of the time, through dialogue and action we do begin to take choices that the character would. Like a novel we try to immerse ourselves to become mentally framed to that character. At points we can feel sorry for victims, which is of course humanistic but in other cases where we might have different opinions such as the “Child molester” at the school ground where the Phelps doesn’t seem to care much only to the point that justice is served whilst other players we might take Rusty’s view to pop a cap in his head there and then.

    It would be interesting to see different players from different backgrounds play L.A Noire and see what they get out of it, such people oblivious of American Post War events and attitudes would probably be startled from the game and rename uninterested. I’m guessing die hard GTA fans would mock this game, or intend to play like this…… http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=310961


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