Week 3.


Does the game represent men and women in stereotypical ways? What about other categories – age and ethnicity for example? Time period? Setting?

The game represents women and men in different ways because of the time period that the game is set in. Females were often stay at home wives whose job was to look after their husband. If the woman did work then they are usually shown to be waitresses or secretaries.

It also represents younger people as more vulnerable than those who are older. older people are shown to be in places of power or authority and are often dipicted as wealthy. even the older poorer people are shown to be anything but feeble.

After you’ve answered that question, can you also describe HOW a game represents groups of people and places / situations, compared to a novel or a film? Is it the same, or does the fact that you play the game, in character, make any difference – how does it compare to reading a character or narrator’s point of view or watching a film?

i think that the way people are represented in game and film is very similar. The fact that you can see and hear the character and watch them evolve means that you build a relationship with them. Novels, however, i think are slightly different. Even though you build relationships with characters in books i feel that this is highly down to persons imagination. Characters are different for each person in books because there is more options as to how to make them look or sound which could completely change their character.

Finally, what can you say about narration in L.A Noire – is there any, and if so, how does it work? What kind of narration is this?

the narration in l.a.noire is slightly disjointed and in parts rushed. The game seems to gloss over the affair and divorce rather swiftly and doesn’t really give the gamer chance to understand what exactly is happening. The parts with Elsa Lichtman are rather disjointed and they leave a lot of questions about her unanswered. The narrative isn’t brilliant because of this but i feel that this is down to having to cut lots of the game out. When played with the downloadable content the game changes a lot and gives the game a much more complete feel.



  1. A.M. / Apr 16th, 2012 17:52 Quote

    I definitely agree that the affair/divorce was poorly done, and seemed like more of an excuse to introduce Phelps to the arson desk (and thus to the end game) rather than an actual plot event with real significance.


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