Week 3: Gender issues


I think that this is possibly one of the biggest issues to draw when analysing any work of literature (be it film, game or text) is that of gender, and L.A. Noire does not fail to present a world in which gender is something that is vital to the development of the narrative.

Women are not presented in a positive manner which helps the story progress. All of the characters which have any vital importance to the story are men: All of the detectives are men, all of the criminals are men and all of the major characters are men. The only time that women are presented in the game is either as victims or suspects, and, whilst the women aren’t always directly involved, their motives for the crimes are always petty and only for their own gain: For example Lorna, who attempts to hide some of the details of the incident because she’s an aspiring actress and “wanted to sell her story to the newspapers”.

It is important to consider that the developers of the game are attempting to portray women in the context that the game was written, though. At this time in history women in America had only just attained the rights to vote and work in an office (see Woman Suffrage), however I personally believe that portraying all of the women as weak, selfish characters was a little bit harsh.



  1. ClockworKei / Apr 22nd, 2012 19:30 Quote

    I have to agree with your point about women being either the victims or suspects; both are portrayed in a very negative light. There is also Elsa, who seems to be the only woman in the game with strength and she is in turn portrayed as a ‘Nazi-spy whore’.
    Its very much a male game, but as a woman playing this, I never felt personally discriminated against or even alienated on my play-through, even though you would expect to feel awkward in some way, this also reminds me of GTA4 in some ways, a wholly male game, yet I never felt ‘wrong’ playing it through.


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