Week 3 – Question


Does the game represent men and women in stereotypical ways? What about other categories – age and ethnicity for example? Time period? Setting?

Due to the time setting of this game, which is in the 1940′s, there seems to be much different representations of gender to what people today are used to. For example, this game is mainly male dominated. There doesn’t seem to be any women in position of power which was typical of that time. In the 1940′s women were seen as second class citizens with less rights than men, and this maybe effecting their position in the game. Women in these times were to be housewives, stay at home, cook, clean, bear children and raise them. They typically didn’t have jobs outside the household. Also another main representation of men in this game is that they are the heroes, because with this old age of thinking, men were more capable of intelligence and ‘saving the day’ so to speak. In the 1940′s, men had much more rights than women did and due to this, they were able to get a job without being frowned upon. This was their role and I think this point illustrates itself in the game.

After you’ve answered that question, can you also describe HOW a game represents groups of people and places / situations, compared to a novel or a film? Is it the same, or does the fact that you play the game, in character, make any difference – how does it compare to reading a character or narrator’s point of view or watching a film?

Playing a character gives much more insight into the character rather than reading about a character, unless a lot of detail is given within a novel, as sometimes both novels and games can gloss over some details to focus on the story of either the game or the novel. Films are a much more visual way of getting an insight into characters, but usually not much detail on the characters is given as films usually focus on the narrative of the story. Games usually represent people with typical stereotypes [eg, gangsters, damsel in distress, etc] but these stereotypes are put in place for the story of the game.

Finally, what can you say about narration in L.A Noire – is there any, and if so, how does it work? What kind of narration is this?

The narration for LA Noire combines not only a written walk through but also the story told subtly during the characters speech. I don’t remember much of the narrative but with this sort of narrative, it helps the player to complete the game with the clues it gives and the hints.



  1. EmzG / Apr 23rd, 2012 9:52 Quote

    Definitely agree with everything you’ve said here. The stereotyping in the game is really well done, and is perfectly placed for the time era/setting of L.A. Noire.


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