Week One Questions


1. Please write character descriptions for any TWO interesting characters you have encountered in the game so far. These should be about 50 words each.

Cole Phelps:

Cole Phelps is voiced by actor Aaron Staton, Cole is the main character in L.A. Noire. He is a former member of the United States Marine Corps, who later returned from the war as a hero, joining the Los Angeles Police Department soon after. He rose through the ranks to become a Police detective. He likes to be professional and prefers to play it by-the-books rather than cutting corners, this creates issues between him and his more inaccurate partners. He has a clear understanding and knowledge and completes his jobs and cases to the best of his ability, he seems keen and eager about his work.

Rusty Galloway:

Rusty Galloway is a homicide detective in the LAPD. Galloway is Cole Phelps’ partner after Phelps’ moves up to the Homicide desk. As Galloway has a wide range of knowledge and experience as a detective he treats Phelps with arrogance since he is new to the the LAPD department. Galloway also takes a disliking to him as he had a swift promotion to the homicide department. Rusty has been divorced three times and has a daughter with one of his three ex-wives. Rusty doesnt view his police work as important and seriousness as Phelps does.

2. Please go on to identify other characters from novels, films or plays that these game characters remind you of or share features with.

Both the characters i have described have simlaritites to police detectives seen on screens today,as well as in novels and plays. TV programmes such as The Wire, Life on mars and Ashes to Ashes all contain police dectives with similiar characteristics to the Cole Phelps and Rusty Galloway. Sam Tyler from Life on Mars is rather similar to Cole Phelps as he takes a lot of pride with what he does at work and completes caseto his best ability. Rusty Galloway reminds me of Jimmy McNulty from “The Wire” s both of these characters are arrogant to other detectives as well as been heavy drinkers but maintain a good interest and keen interest into the work they do.

3. Putting on your academic literature student hat now, can you suggest any academic concepts / analytical approaches from your studies that would be useful for putting L.A Noire into any particular categories? Are there any obvious theoretical ways of describing L.A Noire that would link it to other ‘texts’?

L.A. Noire was set back in America in the 1940′s which is much different to today in america as the attitudes about different topics have dramatically changed. The game relates exactly to the life that people lived back in Americain the 1940′s as women were seen as less important to men at that time, this is portrayed in the way the game is made. You could link L.A. Noire to other texts due to the similiarities to other media types such as Grand Theft Auto, as they both share the crime genre and well as the detective side.




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